Blogger Dad – the comic

Today is the first Blogger Dad comic.

As I’ve mentioned before, I regularly draw a couple of comic strips. When I mentioned this in a prior post, some of you emailed me or commented, suggesting that I include comics with the blog. So, here we are, the first journal-type comic for Blogger Dad.

Let me know what you think. Would you like to see this as a regular feature?

Other stuff

I’ve been pretty busy working behind the scenes on a cool new super secret project which I will announce later this week. I’m very excited and can’t wait to tell you what I’m up to and who else is involved!

Speaking of cool things, check out Men With Pens’ new site design!

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26 Responses to Blogger Dad – the comic

  1. Hey! Love the comic! I’d certainly like to see more of that.

    And thanks for the linkout ;)

    Harrison McLeods last blog post..A New Look for Men with Pens

  2. Writer Dad says:

    LOVE the comic, Dave. More, more, more, please.

    Writer Dads last blog post..Bright Ideas

  3. Holy crap. I’d say you have like a 6:00 PM shadow…but it’s more of like a 2:00 AM-couple of beers-and-a-rack-of-ribs, shadow.

    Freaking awesome stuff, man.

    Matthew Drydens last blog post..I Will Rub It In Your Face

  4. orlund says:

    That’s great. Keep the comics coming. Nice to read something different.

    orlunds last blog post..The Christmas Bus Vs. The Smart Car

  5. Mike Goad says:

    I agree! More, more! — as long as you have time for it.

    Mike Goads last blog post..“That Obama scares me.”

  6. Just brilliant BD. You have a talent that you should be using here .
    It’s certainly something that is going to set you apart from everyone else (I’m talking about the impressive stubble here, not the toon – tee hee!)

    Tara@From Dawn Till Rusks last blog post..The business of blogging: Book deals? What a load of rubbish!

  7. Dave Fowler says:

    Do you ever see Blogger Dad parking his car on the freeway and stealing a bag of guns from some gangsta types? I do.

    BD. How long does it take to draw up one of these?

    Dave Fowlers last blog post..What I Learnt From Crashing The Car – Part 2

  8. Blogger Dad says:

    Harrison- Hey, thanks for stopping by. You’re welcome for the linkout, that site redesign rocks!

    Writer Dad – LOL. Thanks.

    Matthew – thank you. And while I usually drew myself like that whether I had a small or large goatee/beard going on, it is in full caveman mode this weekend after a very long week. Thank God I’m not a woman or I would have legs like Sasquatch.

    orlund – Thank you.

    Mike – Thank you, and yes, time is the trick. I likely spend about the same amount of time on both my posts as I do my drawing, which is to say anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. Way too long in any event.

    Tara – Thanks, I promise to only use the beard stubble for Good and not for Evil, something which CK Lunchbox should approve of.

    Dave – That was why I couldn’t become a cop as I originally planned. Well, that and my desire to shoot people who drive 10 miles an hour in the fast lane. Do they let you shoot slow people in the UK? If so, got a job opening? As for the comic, it takes anywhere from 2 to 4 hours per comic. I can’t remember how long this one took, I drew it over two days.

  9. Sal says:

    HAAHAA! That sounds about right, but you could substitute just about any financial corporation in there. My bank did something like that to me a few months back. And what is with overdraft fees. “Hey, we know you don’t have any money, so we are going to charge you even more so you have that much less your next paycheck.” Yea, thanks.

    I would love to see a BD comic strip as an integral part of this blog.

    Sals last blog post..Controlled Burning

  10. Dave Fowler says:

    BD, Oh yeah, it’s the law. If you don’t shoot people who drive at 10mph in the fast lane, you risk getting shot yourself.

    Dave Fowlers last blog post..What I Learnt From Crashing The Car – Part 2

  11. Blogger Dad says:

    Sal – Thank you! Yes, banks are bloodsucking leaches which need a good dose of salt poured on them. I certainly hope this administration passes some laws and reforms to end what is little more than loanshark-like tactics. It is all too easy for people who are responsible with their spending and borrowing to get royally screwed. After that, it becomes a debt snowball, to use a Dave Ramsey term.

    Dave – well, that seals it, the Wrights are moving to the UK!! Woohoo! Do I need to bring my own gun or do I get one when I enter the country?

  12. Dave Fowler says:

    No you have to go to a special gun store called a ‘pub’. The guy serving the drinks will be able to point you to one of the many ‘salesmen’ who will be able to furnish you with the item in exchange for your fake Rolex. Easy.

    Dave Fowlers last blog post..What I Learnt From Crashing The Car – Part 2

  13. Blogger Dad says:

    LOL! Sounds like we have similar pubs here. Boy, I’m gonna’ fit right in.

  14. I love comic strips. My favourite being Dilbert, of course, because it is the world in which I live at work. Sad, sad, sad, pathetic Dilbert existence. Oh sorry, I digress. Yes please! Keep them coming.

    Urban Panthers last blog post..Not so mundane after all

  15. A Dad's Life says:

    Love the comic. I’m ashamed to say that I work for a bank and that call is all too real.

    All the best

  16. GreenJello says:

    Love the comic! The sad part is that it is all too true…

    GreenJellos last blog post..Historia de un Letrero

  17. Oktober Five says:

    I like the comic a lot and would love to see more.

  18. that is a great comic. I love it.

    Jen, buried with childrens last blog post..Play the Funky Music and Dance

  19. Patricia says:

    I am in the middle of a all day session with Quicken this morning…If I only understood Pakistani style English better? or if I was a better tech person? maybe I could fix this problem myself…I just spent $150 on the program and still spent 10 hours putting together the medial forms for our family…no 5 minute chart ….
    Oh it is nice to laugh – thank you

    Patricias last blog post..Something Smells

  20. I like it! Give us more! More! More! WE WANT COMICS!

    Anyone else one to help me shake the walls of the blog in rioutous glee until he acquiesces? :D

    Jamie Simmermans last blog post..The Pen Men Nail It

  21. LizP says:

    Since Opus is now gone forever how about Blogger Dad on Sundays! Or whenever you have time :-)

    LizPs last blog post..04/05/08 Good Advice

  22. Gidget says:

    Very fun! I definitely vote for more comics! :)

    Gidgets last blog post..Jekyll & Hyde were here… A Question of Contentment

  23. @Jamie: I’m shaking, I’m shaking (I’m prepared to go round and camp out on his doorstep and stalk him until he listens GODDAM IT BD).
    Tsk, it’s that Jamie, got me all riled up . . .

    Tara@From Dawn Till Rusks last blog post..The business of blogging: Book deals? What a load of rubbish!

  24. Dave Fowler says:

    Blogger Dad, what’s your secret?

    How do you get these women so worked up?


    Dave Fowlers last blog post..Why Cleaning Your Toilet Could Be Bad For Your Children’s Health

  25. Blogger Dad says:

    Urban Panther – Dilbert is among the few comics which I enjoy on the rare occasion that I read them. Pearls Before Swine, Get Fuzzy, Non Sequitur, Mutts, and Red and Rover are among other favorites which are still in the paper. Dilbert is very accurate.

    A Dad’s Life – Thanks. I will try not to hold it against you that you work for an evil EVIL business!

    GreenJello – Thank you. And sadly, yes it is.

    Oktober 5 – Thank you, and you will.

    Jen – thank you.

    Patricia – Thank you. I’m glad that my pain can help others laugh at their own.

    Jamie – LOL. I am guessing that my Wednesday post delivered?

    LizP – Wow, I didn’t realize that Opus ended … again. Bloom County was a bigtime inspiration for Taking Up Space. Wow. I’m sad now. Thanks.

    Gidget – Thank you! Your vote has been counted

    Tara – uh-oh. You haven’t had your tea yet today, have you?

    Dave – LOL. My secret? I have designed a cologne which smells like chocolate cheesecake. No woman can resist.

  26. Linz says:

    lol :) brilliant comic Strip