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Is Disney’s Tangled Too Violent For The Little Ones?

I used to be a cool guy. I never looked at things like movie “content warnings” for violence, sex, or foul language, except perhaps as a guide to which movies I wanted to watch. But nowadays, I see everything through … Continue reading

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Jealous Dad?

Now I know how a lot of moms might feel. One of my son’s female daycare teachers recently moved out of state. While I might have caused my kindergarten teacher to quit teaching, I don’t think my son caused his … Continue reading

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Waiting For Poo

I’m waiting for my son, E, to poop. Until he has a solid movement, he can’t go back to daycare. Which means he’s been home all week with me while I scramble to work late into the nights. I’m not … Continue reading

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Scenes From This Weekend

I hope you don’t mind the format of this post. I wanted to write about a few different things which happened this weekend which aren’t necessarily connected, but also not worthy of entire posts devoted to them. Well, except the … Continue reading

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Whine Time

Thanks to everybody who wished my family well in the comments and via email. I’m glad to say, we’ve recovered from the swine flu. I’ve got a lingering cough and am still a bit tired, but otherwise, I’m feeling 100 … Continue reading

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