My Little Ponies for Little Dudes

As I mentioned before, my two year old son, E, became obsessed with My Little Pony after his cousins brought their stable to our house. To my surprise, E spent a considerable amount of time brushing a pony’s hair. While I admit my first instinct was shock, I was actually rather touched to see how much care he was putting into the act. After some thought, I decided to go ahead and buy him a pony of his own. Surely, there are some brown or beige ponies, right? Unfortunately, the local stores only had a few options, none of them even remotely masculine. And while I consider myself a fairly progressive dad not tied down to the typical male/female stereotypes and trappings, it was a bit difficult to pony up the cash (pun intended) for a pink My Little Pony with an even pinker flower on its bottom.
I found myself wondering, why doesn’t Hasbro have a boy’s line of My Little Ponies?
I wound up driving about 45 miles to find a My Little Pony that was a bit more gender neutral and had a comb rather than a tennis racket, blowdryer or purse. At Toys-R-Us, I found a blue and purple My Little Pony which I gave to him and he seems to enjoy.

My son is not alone

While I was surprised that my son likes My Little Ponies, I was even more surprised that so many readers commented and tweeted that they too, or their sons, enjoyed My Little Pony! So as a service to my readers and to all the boys secretly yearning, but ashamed, to play with their sisters’ My Little Ponies, I offer up some more masculine options for the fine folks at Hasbro to consider.

My Little Pony Soldier

Nothing says boy like guns and a skull tattoo, right? This ultra violent pony comes with his own accessories, including an assault rifle, ammunition, knife and grease paint for when the pony wants to go Full On Rambo! my-little-pony-soldier

My Little Pony NASCAR Edition

While some NASCAR traditionalists might question my choice of Jeff Gordon as the masculine symbol and they might even make a “rainbow warrior” joke or two, they are typically the very knuckle dragging homophobes that make boys feel they should hide their desire to play with My Little Pony in the first place. I say, fly your Pony flag high and proudly! And what better way than one of NASCAR’s best, Jeff Gordon My Little Pony, complete with sponsor stickers! my-little-pony-nascar

My Little Pony Construction Worker

Boys like tools, right? Move over, Bob the Builder, because this steel toed boot, construction belt wearing, tool toting handypony will delight the young and young at heart. my-little-pony-construction Got an idea for a masculine pony I missed? Leave a suggestion in the comments and I might just draw the best one or two next week. Enjoy this post? Please consider Tweeting it and tell others.

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49 Responses to My Little Ponies for Little Dudes

  1. Tracy says:

    Why stop at the construction worker? Why not have the entire village people in my little pony? That would be so awesome.

    Tracys last blog post..Why do people eat too much

  2. christopher says:

    That’s awesome! I’d like to order a My Little Pony Soldier please. Oh, what? They don’t actually make these? Well then I shall find some contacts at Hasbro and direct them to this page.

    christophers last blog post..8 years

  3. Bronwyn says:

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. As the Mum of two boys this is just brilliant, but why stop at ponies, I think we should take on the whole toy industry. My boys love to play at cooking & housework type play (unfortunately as they get older this wears off but I live in hope that it blossoms again later on… please nobody dash my hopes, I’m quite happy with this delusion for now…) and many a time I wander through the toy home wares section hoping they have some toy appliance in a more boy friendly color other than hot pink, to no avail. I keep searching though.

    So Blogger Dad lead the charge, I’m right behind you…

    As this is my first ever comment here I also just wanted to say you’re a really funny guy and even though I subscribe to many blogs and am way behind on all their posts, I always make sure to read yours, it is a shiny light in my inbox, thank you. It’s great to get such a humorous view on being a Dad.


  4. Consulted my son for you to guage the older boy market (6) and without hesitation he said: “Superhero Pony”. Then when he thought about it for a moment more he suggested Capt Jack Sparrow Pony.
    However he’s in to High School Musical now so a Wildcats Pony would probably suit too (and no I can’t believe I actually now know the names of characters and the basketball team in the High School Musical franchise!)

    Tara@Sticky fingerss last blog post..I’m expecting some guests over

  5. Steph in GA says:

    Hmm, pirate (Capt. Jack, as Tara suggested), ninja (who doesn’t love ninjas?), Batman might be tough, but I can definitely see a pony painted with any of the Spiderman patterns.

    I’ve got a soft spot for customized toys / figures. A college roommate took a Zorro action figure and made me a “Zorro, the Gay Blade” figure!

  6. Ryan says:

    My son (5) also is obsessed with My Little Pony. For his 5th birthday he wanted his entire bedroom decorated in it. So now he has pony wall decals, pony bedding, stuffed ponies, and of course his massive collection of My Little Ponies.

    I think it’s awesome. He pretend plays with other kids too, even getting other boys his own age in to playing “My Little Pony” with him. And if an older kid tells him My Little Pony is for girls, not boys, he quickly corrects him. “There are no girl only or boy only toys. Toys are for everyone.”

    Anyway… One of his favorite ponies is a super hero pony that we got on ebay. I guess they sell these special ponies at comic-cons. Check out the 2009 one’s here:

  7. Kool Aid says:

    What about a blending of names? Could you possibly incorporate Cars and My Little Pony? Naah… I like Tara’s ideas of the superhero pony and Capt Jack pony. There’s also what I tweeted before, just your basic boy colors (green, brown) with bugs and worms on the rear for those boys that want just the basic pony. (Monkey suggested a MLP Pilot)

    But then there’s also the play toys that go with them. We have a pink MLP castle for Monkey, so maybe a Dracula MLP for the boys? What about a MLP boot camp or an astronaught MLP that comes with a space ship and MLP Alien? Oh, I could go on and on, I think.

    But wait until your nieces introduce him to The Littlest Pet Shop toys.

    Kool Aids last blog post..funny things kids say

  8. Tracy says:

    Could you make limited edition Pet Shop Boys My Little Ponies?

    Tracys last blog post..Why do people eat too much

  9. UrbanVox says:

    I would love to have had the soldier one!!!!

    UrbanVoxs last blog post..Day Breake

  10. My Ninja Pony would rule the school!!!

  11. Carolyn says:

    I teach preschool, and my four and five years old boys absolutely love the following:

    Rocker Pony…a pony that rocks it out like Adam Lambert
    Power Ranger Pony
    Star Wars Pony (
    Sports Pony (a whole series, baseball, football, hockey, etc…)

    Also, when I was little, My Little Pony did have a short “Big Brother” series. My little brother personally loved his firefighter and cowboy ponies:

    Also, for Bronwyn up there:

  12. Why do they need to be masculine? When my daughter wants to play with cars, I don’t ask why there aren’t pink cars with flowers on them for her to play with. I don’t see why a boy can’t play with a pink glittery my little pony. I think the world might be a better place if more of them did! :D

    Annie @ PhD in Parentings last blog post..(Not quite) Wordless Wednesday: A Tale of Two Dinners

  13. Jennifer says:

    These are hilarious. I’m sure any little boy would love them.

    Jennifers last blog post..My Zinnias

  14. Writer Dad says:

    I want a commando pony! My sister and I actually used to play war with her ponies and my GI Joes. If I had had commando ponies, there would have been no contest.

    Writer Dads last blog post..6 Rules For Remarkable Marital Communication

  15. Ribbon says:

    too funny as always :-)

    best wishes

  16. Michelle says:

    The Village People My Little Ponies is too funny. : )
    I don’t think it’s the pink anyway – it’s all the tiny stuff that comes with them. My daughter just loves all of those little goodies.

    Michelles last blog post..Celebrating the red, white, and blue with cupcakes

  17. CG says:

    How bout cow boy pony, or fireman pony or police pony.

    I agree with astronaut pony and superhero pony- Spider man pony and superman pony and bat man pony would actually rock :D

    Uh, could also go with ninja pony or even lego pony. (either built with legos or as a little lego figure)

  18. Merliejo says:

    You’re not going to believe this but I went through my little girl’s my little pony collection (hundreds it seems!) and there is one that looks EXACTLY like the NASCAR one minus the stickers. I’ll have to send you pics. BTW, my son would love the soldier one. I may have to take some GI Joe stuff and modify one of the my girl’s pony.

  19. Amanda says:

    This is the best thing I’ve ever seen. Congratulations on being an awesome dad.

    What many boys don’t seem to realize is girls will fall all over a man who is comfortable enough with his masculinity to, say, brush a toy pony’s hair.

    I live in a very homophobic area with men who are terrified of appearing feminine and I think to myself- overcompensating much?
    Good on you! I anticipate many confident and happy years for your son to come. =)

  20. Kyddryn says:

    Plumber, complete with plunger and visible butt crack.

    Lawyer, with brief case and tub of hair product for slicking back his mane.

    Biker, with leather jacket, tattoo, and missing teeth.

    This is fun…when do we go into production??

    Shade and Sweetwater,

    Kyddryns last blog post..Open Letters From A Fellow Borders Patron

  21. My Little Pony Car Salesman – with a too short tie, short sleeved dress shirt, and sweaty brow.

    My Little Pony Middle Manager – with a brown nose

    My Little Pony Metrosexual – well…I should just stop now, shouldn’t I.


  22. Sara Keeth says:

    My 10-month-old would love a pirate pony. Or a yellow duckie pony. Or a demolition derby pony. How about a Transformers pony, that changes into a car?

    And I, also, would like to see the Spiderman pony!

    I have fond memories of my brother and me playing My Little Ponies vs. He-Man. I had the pink MLP castle and he had Castle Grayskull. It was awesome.

  23. Friar says:

    The Nascar pony should have a mullet and side-burns. :-D

  24. Brett Legree says:


    I thought the Pony Soldier was great (I was thinking you might draw this…)

    How about My Little Pony: Terminator Edition (shiny robotic skeletal horse, with Gatling Gun)

    Or the My Little Pony: The Matrix Edition (black leather jacket, black sunglasses, dodging bullets)

    Can’t forget My Little Pony: Army of Darkness Edition (complete with chainsaw hand, and boom stick)

    Brett Legrees last blog post..seemingly random thoughts on a rainy tuesday evening.

  25. Wyntyr says:

    I stumbled onto this artist who makes special ponies. I love her work!!

    ya’ll enjoy!

  26. Writer Dad says:

    Brett: LOL! Terminator… by far, the funniest one I’ve read.

    Writer Dads last blog post..6 Rules For Remarkable Marital Communication

  27. Novel says:

    plenty of people repaint my little ponies
    heres a link to repaint your own

  28. cupcakechica says:

    My question would be, why does it have to be a masculine pony?? I say a gender neutral My Little Pony for all. Believe it or not, there are little girls out there that don’t like pink and purple but instead red and black.

    Years ago when McDonald’s gave away My Little Pony’s in their happy meals and my son was a wee 4 yr old , he always demanded the “horse”. When they asked me at the drive thru if the happy meal was for a boy or a girl, I would reply “Girl”. One time, they put a “boy” toy in his happy meal to which my son was not too happy about. He cried for the horse and I gave it back and I told them I specifically asked for a girl toy. The attendant at the drive thru glanced at my little boy and begrudgingly gave me the pony.

    My son has also liked Littlest Pet Shop pets for years. It all stems from his love for animals. He’s been saying for a while that he want’s to be a vet when he grows up. He doesn’t care much for big wheel trucks or toy guns and I’m glad. As long as he’s happy and doesn’t feel pressured to be a “BOY boy” that’s what matters!!!

    I think toy manufacturer’s need to realize that little boys love animals too ;)

  29. S.Smith says:

    Well, tough guy, how about Blogger Pony.

    S.Smiths last blog post..Taiji Boxing Workshop

  30. aj says:

    Yes … I suppose you could sell this line as My Little Gender Stereotype Pony.

  31. Yay. I want Jack Sparrow, the soldier and the ninja ponies please.
    Oh, and my son would love the construction worker one.
    Too funny, Hasbro has missed a trick by not putting these into production already.

    SouthAfricanMoms last blog post..SouthAfricanMom: "The cure for unhappiness is happiness, I don’t care what anyone says.’ Elizabeth McCracken

  32. Jazzy says:

    Love this post and the design concepts!

    Jazzys last blog post..Apogee ONE: USB Music Interface and Microphone for the Mac

  33. Ha! I waited for this post with baited breath, and you delivered.

    My brother and I had quite different interests growing up, when it came to play. He was into fantasy and science fiction, I was all about make-believe that revolved around reality. He did have a Steve Scout doll, though, that he would pull out from time to time when I had my Barbie dolls outside under the birch tree, pretending they were camping. Steve Scout was much more of a dude than Ken could ever be.

    Kristin T. (@kt_writes)s last blog post..Snapshots of a Portland vacation

  34. SeattleDad says:

    How about ditching the little pony all together and just making it a my little Elmo? The boys will love it and so will the girls.

    SeattleDads last blog post..This Many!

  35. Patricia says:

    Oh this is so funny – and may I remind you that Pleasant Somebody thought up History teaching Pleasant Company dolls and Mattel bought her out for 33 Million dollars…Hasbro might like the ideas…especially with so many comments…

    Worth a try…
    Thank you for the laugh as always

    Patricias last blog post..Stop Packing Your Suitcase

  36. Blogger Dad says:

    Tracy – Well, I was going for masculine.

    christopher – Thanks for your efforts. The folks at Hasbro are missing out on a good thing!

    Bronwyn – Thank you for the nice comments. And when I assemble the brigade, you will be the first I call!

    Tara – I don’t know the HighSchool Musical characters – thank God – so I’ll probably go super hero.

    Ryan – A My Little Pony bedroom?! Wow! That’s a lotta pony! Thanks for the link, I have no seen everything.

    Kool Aid – My nieces didn’t have those toys, so we’re safe… for now.

    Tracy – LOL! My Little Pet Shop Boys!

    UrbanVox – If Hasbro calls, I’ll let you know.

    Eric – Yeah, I shoulda thought of that one! I am ashamed that super hero and ninja didn’t register with me while drawing them.

    Carolyn – An Adam Lambert pony would defeat the whole masculine pony thing. Maybe a KISS pony? As for the links. CORRECTION: NOW I have seen everything.

    Annie – I mentioned in my prior post that I am open minded and didn’t really care. However, I just couldn’t make the full leap and get a pink one. I suppose if it had a brush, I would have gotten it. However, none of the girly ones I saw had brushes, and he LOVED brushing the pony’s hair, so to get him one without a brush woulda’ been like buying half a pony.

    Jennifer – Awesome, thanks!

    Ribbon – Thank you!

    Michelle – I agree, it IS the other stuff which makes it too girlie.

    CG – Ha. I like the idea of a cowboy pony. A horse riding pony with a hat and spurs.

    Merlijo – Yeah, send pics! Awesome.

    Amanda – Thank you. There were some homophobic comments on some of these pony posts but I deleted them. I have no tolerance for such hate.

    Kyddryn – Butt crack Plumber pony. The first MLP to get banned! Awesome. We can go into production as soon as Hasbro gives me the okay.

    Betsy – Awesome. I like the middle management one because nothing says masculine like middle management.

    Sara – Those musta been some battles between the He-Men and the MLP’s.

    Brett – I LIKE the Terminator one. Great ideas!

    Wyntyr – Crazy, who woulda thought? Thanks.

    Novel – Thanks for the link. I guess this way you can also control how much lead is on your MLP.

    cupcakechica – Amen. I was happy that E is taking an interest in animals. When he was smaller, he was scared of them. Now he loves them.

    aj – LOL.

    SouthAfricanMom – Yes, Hasbro is missing out on at least 40 sales!

    Jazzy – Thanks.

    KT writes – Thank you. I never even heard of Steve Scout!

    SeattleDad – LOL. He loves Elmo and has one.

    Patricia – Nah, christopher already emailed Hasbro, they were not interested. :(

  37. “My Ninja Pony would rule the school!!!”

    Agreed. We must have My Little Ninja Ponies!

    Oh and a commissioned, special edition, Available Darkness version ;)

    Marc – WelshScribes last blog post..SEO 101.2 | On Page Factors

  38. LOVE the construction worker pony. Hilarious!

    Momma Sunshines last blog post..Happiness

  39. nan says:

    There are actually SUper Hero ponies… :) THey are also super hero expensive. Hasbro makes them as exclusives for collectors for the San DIego Comic Con.

    There’s a cool one this year called Two Face who might be reasonably affordable if you don’t wait until next year: and *might* be available from Hasbro after the convention for a regular (sort of) pony price:



    Cool aren’t they? :)

  40. Monica says:

    It doe´s exist some male ponies in My Little Pony Like Sunburst Tex and Slugger

  41. Amy says:

    I love these ideas xD Why don’t you post the pictures at, they have artists there that will make you one, for a price! And, please don’t buy a ‘Big Brother’ ponies for your children, these boys are getting very hard to find in good condition! Strictly a collectors’ item!

  42. Cailin says:

    :) Funny, my little brother got turned onto ponies when he was two [he's six now.] I hadn’t played with ponies for years, but I saw this three pack at the toy store one day and included it in my letter to Santa. Come Christmas, my little brother wanted to play ponies too, so naturally I shared. He also enjoyed combing the hair xD I think it has the same sort of soothing quality as petting a cat, or something. Now we have tons of ponies, roughly half of which have been dubbed boys by my now six year old brother. I wish they’d come out with some boy ponies, I know there were a few in the eighties :P

  43. Timmy says:

    Wow…Growing up I played with my little ponys and was made fun of SOOOO MUCH by my brothers, my cousins, my sister, my parents…etc etc, school mates. Everyone called me gay! haha, its one of those not talked about things I guess, because reading this it sounds like there were more people who played with them too!!

  44. Sarah P. says:

    You know, I stumbled upon an art project where someone took a My Little Pony and painted it. It was a gothy theme, though, but I’m sure you could do the same thing but with a Boyish theme. :)

    And you know, I always wonder the same thing, but I have a little girl. She loves Cars and Toy Story, but products like clothing for those movies are only ever boyish, so I ended up buying her Buzz Lightyear pajamas for a boy – which she loves. And I bought her Cars socks meant for a boy. She loves them. Why not a Cars dress? Why not a Buzz Lightyear dress? These people need to really get on the ball!
    .-= Sarah P.´s last blog ..Cheap Things To Do =-.

  45. Tracy says:

    I think thats a really cool idea but I did want to mention in the 1980′s they did come out with the big brother ponies who were masculine and had fur on there hooves like plastic fur and they were made to be train conductors and steam boat captian and a Texas rancher also a baseball player I don’t know if this helps but you can find them on e-bay now rather cheap. Hope it helps

  46. awwww bless your son, there is nothing wrong with this, my little brother has a pony of his own :) and was mad on ponies. have you wrote to hasbro? bloody good idea i think. although i dont agree with the army pony i do love the construction one :)

  47. KamikaziFly says:

    My Little Ponies:Apocalypse Ponies! FOR BOYS!

    My boys like to take pretend orders for food. (while ages 4 thru 9) (I don’t get it.)

    Just don’t make the boy’s ponies gay. If your child is gay he/she will develop that on their own. NO YMCA OR ‘VILLAGE PEOPLE’ DOLLS! (Lame…)

    Military Pony! (Without guns!) (With a big army pack!!! And night vision!)
    Biker Pony! (with sun glasses)
    Why do guy toys have to classify to a particular job title?!?!?
    Couch Pony? (Still a job title…)
    Super Star Pony…
    Knight Pony…
    Short Order Chef Pony…
    Maybe I’m not using the name generator correctly.
    Snow Boarding Pony…

    Greaser Pony!
    Cowboy Pony? lol
    Rock Pony…
    Punk Pony….

    Radioactive Pony! with real GLOWing POWER! (Realistic due to nuclear fallout!)
    Zombie Pony!
    Resistance Fight Pony!
    Death Knight Pony!
    Minotaur Pony!
    BullHorned Pony!
    Unicorn Pony!
    Pegasus Pony!
    Miniature Ponies! (Like little people, but only really little ponies! Keychains and all!)

  48. Sean says:

    LOL! They do now dude. Just check out My little pony friendship is magic. Both boys and girls are getting into it.