Random Friday: Dec. 12, 2008

I’m breaking from tradition here at BloggerDad. While my posts are usually more like stories or columns, it limits me from posting bloggy sorts of things.

So, here is a random post to catch up on some recent events.

Around the Web

Kool Aid said she was inspired by my son’s birth story and decided to go ahead and post her own this week. Catch it from the incredible first entry here.

A few weeks ago, the excellent site, Blogtations – which presents great quotes from around the web – broke from tradition of using great quotes, and decided to use one of my quotes. Thanks to Green Jello for helping make it happen.

Speaking of honors, I was given my first award this week. It’s a bit more like a meme than an award, asking you to pass it on to six other bloggers. I’ll have to come back next week to fulfill the requirements of the award. However, I wanted to give thanks to Kool Aid (again) for the honor.

Speaking of memes, I also got tagged for not one meme, but two.

The first came from Mom/Mum.

I am supposed to provide lists of sevens. I’m not sure if it’s seven lists of seven or just some lists. I’ll opt for the quicker. Then I’m supposed to ‘tag’ seven other bloggers. Seeing as I’m not sure of the rules, I’d hate to go and screw up a meme. So nobody is getting tagged. And not at all because I’m too lazy to think of seven people.

7 random thoughts

  1. When you consider that honey is bee vomit, it seems a bit less appealing.
  2. How can somebody title a TV show ‘Worst Week’ when it takes place over a much longer span?
  3. At the age of 38, I’m still unable to flip an egg without it breaking to pieces.
  4. Fact: Men somehow lose the ability to do anything right during their spouse’s time of the month.
  5. Fact: Rule Number 4 does not apply to MY wife, though.
  6. Fact: My wife is the one woman whose mood doesn’t change during her time of the month.
  7. Fact: Bloggers sometimes exaggerate to make things funnier. And they pick familiar topics because they know others will relate, even though they themselves have perfectly Perfect non-hormonal wives.

7 words and phrases that my son says

  1. Bawwwl (ball)
  2. Mommy
  3. daddy
  4. mommy and daddy
  5. where’d it go?
  6. Pease? (please) while signing by rubbing his tummy
  7. ‘Ack (Jack of Jack’s Big Music Show)

7 spammers who won’t leave me the hell alone

  1. Michael Vincent and his “job offers”
  2. Coupon Book – Sorry, I’ll wait for the movie.
  3. PediPaws – what is this? Pedicures for pets?
  4. ShamWow – because it wasn’t enough to be annoyed by the commercial with that major tool of a guy. Now he’s emailing me!
  5. Mr. Michael Vincent1 – of any relation? If not, what are the odds?!
  6. Housewife – who always puts “cheating housewife” in the subject line.
  7. Viagra – maybe if the guy with the cheating housewife had it, his problems would clear up.

The next meme tag came from Writer Dad.

Six random facts about me

  1. I have OCD. I’ve had it since I was seven years old. At least that’s my earliest remembrance of it. It was worse then, I used to have routines which I COULD not break. If I walked into a room thinking something bad would happen to somebody, I had to exit the room BACKWARDS and unthink the thought I had. Otherwise, the thought I had such as, my friend Jeremy will be hit by a comet, would come true. These rituals plagued me well into my highschool years, though I managed to hide them from all but the most observant of people. Sometimes it was sheer hell. I could probably write a much longer post on this, but I’ll leave it at here.
  2. I sold my first comic at the age of 7 for 25 cents – It was a tracing of Spiderman from a coloring book.
  3. Like Writer Dad, I oftentimes keep old pens. Weird, eh?
  4. I have a distinct but impossible memory from my childhood:  I was six years old and home from school. My mom kept one of those Tootsie Roll banks on top of the hutch in our living room – way too high for me to reach. While she was out of the room, I walked over to the hutch and FLOATED up to retrieve a candy. Yes, floated.
  5. I stabbed a bully when I was in first grade. He tormented me on a daily basis. Though I was the gentlest child you could know, one day I snapped and stabbed his hand repeatedly with a pencil. He needed many stitches. I was not particularly sorry.
  6. I can almost always tell when people are lying. It is a gift and a curse. People lie a lot.

Tag, you’re it:

David Fowler, B.Wilde, Kyddryn, Mom/Mum, Orlund, and of course, Kool Aid

I feel like I’m forgetting something, but it’s late.

See you on Monday with a post about something men rarely, if ever, talk about.

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5 Responses to Random Friday: Dec. 12, 2008

  1. Perfect Non Hormonal Wife says:

    Lovely random thoughts, dear. Particularly numbers 4 through 7.

  2. Writer Dad says:

    This had me rolling. I totally believe you floated to get the candy. Sugar is powerful.

    I’ve never picked a fight in my life, but I’ve been in several. I’m always surprised at the energy I have once it gets going. Once, I was in third grade and this sixth grader was picking on me. He kept calling me “the nose,” and saying inappropriate things about what I did with my nose. I finally jumped on top of him, and the counselors at the YMCA had to pull me off of him. His tee-shirt was in shreds, he had a bloody nose, and was crying. I didn’t feel bad at all…. until later when his best friend snuck up from behind two days later and punched me in the stomach so hard I couldn’t breathe for what felt like a season.

    Writer Dads last blog post..Sliding Doors

  3. Blogger Dad says:

    Oh, hi Perfect Non-hormonal Wife! This really wasn’t about you. It was about my other wife. :)

    Writer Dad – LOL! The Nose! You DO realize that Dave Fowler might read that and be forever armed!

  4. Patricia says:

    he,hee, hee, this was making me laugh today…and since I have to not eat anything until after my blood test tomorrow…I needed a good laugh..
    I am keeping as distracted as possible…this was good distraction material
    I tagged you for another meme on my post of 12/29/08 You are just so popular…I must branch out and find more folks to provoke.

    Well, I don’t have OCD and until I had the surgery for Ovarian Cancer I was impossibly hormonal and I am sure on the correct days I could float up to the sweet stuff..and I know why my honey spent lots of time at the office when our one daughter developed Oppositional Defiant Disorder on top of hyper activity….hmmmmm those were the days…
    Cherub has a good list of start words…
    Thank you for making me laugh…sorry about the meme tag but I am sure you will have lots to write about :)

    Patricias last blog post..People Are Often Unreasonable

  5. UrbanVox says:

    when you brake a rule you brake it good uh!!

    UrbanVoxs last blog post..The whole Shebang