Thank You For Two Years

Wow, hard to believe I’ve been doing this blog for two years.

A lot has changed in the course of two years. From the growth of my son, who was just one then, to the growth of this blog, which had one reader (I can count myself, right?) then, change is the only constant. And, as the site turns two, I figured it was time for another redesign.

The drawing which starts this post was part of the original redesign concept I had, but I scrapped it for what you see now. Shame to let good art go to waste, though.

Part of the reason for the redesign was aesthetics – I like a pretty blog. But I also wanted to add some functionality to the site, something to draw new (and new-ish readers) to some of the older content they may have missed. I am going through the process of re-categorizing a lot of posts (I’m about 70% done) so you will be able to find posts of a similar theme to the one you’re reading. For example, if you like a rant I wrote, you might want to go back and JUST read my rants. Well, now you can.  Just below each post title (headline) you’ll see a blue link telling you what category you’re reading. Click on that and you will be taken to archived posts of just those kinds of posts.

I also added some of the main categories in boxes up top, to the right of the logo.

  • Man v. Wife – which covers differences between men and women, mostly dealing with my wife and the weird things she does that make no sense to me (like putting peanut butter and jelly on the SAME side of the sandwich).
  • Ruining Children’s Literature - While I only have a couple of posts with Rejected Kids’ Books, they are fun, and definitely something I’d like first-time visitors to see right away. And I’m sure I’ll be doing a new round of rejected book covers soon.
  • Rants – There’s a lot of stupid people out there. I plan to post a rant about each of them before this blog is done.
  • Memorable Moments – Pretty self explanatory. These posts mostly deal with my son, E, and the cute, funny, or just special moments I want to remember as he grows.
  • Heartfelt – These posts are the ones from the heart. Sometimes, they’re about just saying thank you, and other times, they’re about the death of a best friend.

You can also see other categories in a drop-down box in the sidebar to your right.

Another new thing about my site, you might notice, is that I changed WordPress themes. I was using Chris Pearson’s Thesis theme. Now I’m using Eric Hamm’s Frugal theme. While I still like Thesis, and it was the first WordPress premium theme I had any experience with, Frugal has become one of my main tools in customizing site designs for clients. The fact is, I don’t think there’s an easier-to-use theme for customizing a blog! I did this site without ever leaving the dashboard of WordPress. No tricky css code or changing code of theme files at all. When it came time to redesign Blogger Dad, there was no question which theme I’d use this time around.

I’ll probably be making some more tweaks to the site over the next week or so. Feel free to let me know if there’s anything you don’t like or would like to see, and I’ll see what I can do. Because while this site is about me and my family, it’s FOR you. You are the reason I’m still here posting two years later.

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who stops by to read. Thank you to those who take the time to comment (even though I am the worst jerk in the world about returning comments – because I work 900 hours a week).

Thank you to my wife, BloggerMom, who has made this blog possible by being an awesome wife, a great mother, and giving me lots of material and not getting (too) mad when I make fun of her penchant for buying bad can openers. I love you.

Thank you to my mom, dad, and brother, who have helped make me into the wonderfully (?) weird person I am today and inspire me daily.

Thank you to my extended family, those that read and sometimes even comment.

Thank you to my business and creative partner Sean Platt and his wonderful family, who have shared the blogging journey with me and have helped to pave a road which seems to be getting more amazing every day.

Thank you to Lori and the team at REV who absolutely kick ass!

Thank you to my friend, Lisa, who is probably my only real-life friend who reads this thing. Which is good, because it lets me make fun of my other “friends” without worry.

And lastly, thank you to E, my son, without whom, this site would’ve just devolved into daily rants about things which tick me off. Thank you, E, for showing me the what’s really important and that the world is still wonderful, if you take the time to look through different eyes.

Thank you to everyone.

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16 Responses to Thank You For Two Years

  1. Orchid64 says:

    Congratulations! And here’s to your next anniversary a year hence!
    .-= Orchid64´s last blog ..Wont Miss 220 – paying for holiday ATM access =-.

  2. Marc says:

    Congrats BD! Many blogs fail to make it past their first year, let alone two. I’m glad to see you aren’t one of them :)

    • Blogger Dad says:

      Thanks, Marc. I imagine life’s obligations and adventures get in the way of a lot of blogging. While I’m not as prolific (here) as I’d like to be, I’m still inspired.

  3. Mike says:

    Congrats on 2 years. As Marc said, most bloggers never achieve that kind of longevity.

    Keep on truckin’! ;)
    .-= Mike´s last blog ..Pathfinder Dam and Fremont Canyon =-.

  4. Eric Hamm says:

    Hey Dave, congrats on all of the strides you’ve made thus far. You and Sean have really pushed through a lot to get to the foundation you’re walking on right now.

    And thanks for the mention and the great use of Frugal. Awesome job on the customization, as always. :)

    .-= Eric Hamm´s last blog ..Frugal Blogger Skin Pack- 12 Skins- 6 Colors and 2 New Widgets =-.

  5. Tracy says:

    YOU are welcome!!!
    .-= Tracy´s last blog ..Here- have some deformed corn =-.

  6. Lori says:

    Dave thank you the shout out. We simply can’t do it without you. I personally know what a genius you are and am grateful to have your big ole brain and even bigger heart behind all our amazing and a couple not so amazing projects. Your attention to detail and commitment to getting it done is unparalleled. AND you are a night owl like me so while the rest of the world is sleeping we are making magical gooey smores over the midnight oil. You bring the hat, Sean will wave the wand and I’ll pull those rabbits out kicking and screaming! Love your rants. Everyone should have a daily dose. Xoxo. Lori
    .-= Lori´s last blog ..lorirtaylor- 8 outrageous lawsuits http-isgd-epeOy =-.

  7. Sean says:

    Aw, happy anniversary man, and thank you. It’s been a helluva ride and it seems as though much of the hill has been climbed. The view looks great and the all downhill is going to be amazing, even if there are a couple of bumps along the way!

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY – It’s been a great two years!!!
    .-= Sean´s last blog ..Happy Birthday- Buddy! =-.

  8. ebabeelikes says:

    Congratulations! Reading stuff like this gives me hope – i’ve recently started a blog and sometimes I feel i’m its only audience!! But i’m sure it will get better (she says desperately!!). Congrats again and best wishes!