Learn how to start and grow a blog that actually makes money, but doesn't take all your time.

Introducing Parent Blogging Bootcamp...

parent blogging bootcamp

PB Bootcamp is a proven method for starting and growing a blog in your spare time, even on a busy schedule.

By the end of this free 5-day email series, you'll know:

  • The #1 crucial ingredient for making blogging actually work and why most bloggers (especially busy parents) get it wrong
  • A foolproof way to quickly identify the best blog niche for you and your family's lifestyle
  • How to set up your blog in one easy afternoon and what to avoid so you don't stuck on the tech details (that don't matter anyway)
  • My proven formula for finding blog post topics that will actually get you traffic (and eventually, income)
  • The insanely easy way to write your blog posts so you get Google and Pinterest traffic without endless hours of research and writing
  • Bonus Lesson: The one thing that 95% of bloggers get wrong that you'll get right (hint: it happens after you've hit publish)
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Parent Blogging Bootcamp Overview

  • Day 1: the 2 blogging rules to follow as a busy parent
  • Day 2: picking your best niche + 7 that work great for parents
  • Day 3: how to set up your blog in a single afternoon
  • Day 4: how to choose blog topics that will actually get traffic
  • Day 5: three templates for writing easy blog posts (w/ examples!)
  • BONUS LESSON: what to do after you've published your blog posts that will ensure you get the most traffic over time
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Here's the deal.

blogging for busy parents

Parenting is hard.

Blogging is hard. 

But there are ways to make them both work together.

So if you're like me, and my wife, and want a creative outlet without it draining your free time, I can help.

In Parent Blogging Bootcamp, I've put together some of my tried-and-true strategies for starting and growing a blog as a busy parent.

These are things I've done to start a DIY blog I eventually sold for 6 figures, and what I'm currently doing with my outdoor and travel blog based on my adventures here in Arizona.

But here's the thing: there are no shortcuts. 

There are no get rich quick schemes. 

What I will show you is how to start and grow your blog by only focusing on the things that work, and how to avoid everything else. 

Because if you're a parent, you don't have time to mess around. 

You have kids to raise. 🐣

You have memories to make. 🎉

You know what's important and you want to balance your ambitions in a way that works for you and your family. 

I know the feeling because that's how I am. 

My name's Dustin, I'm a dad to twin 4-year-olds, and my wife and I are expecting #3 any day now.

So...the fam comes first, the work comes second, and the lifestyle we have makes it all worthwhile. 

When you're ready to jump in, PB Bootcamp will show you everything you need to start from scratch or grow your existing blog into a fun, meaningful platform that actually works. 

At the end of the bootcamp, you'll have a great foundation for growing a blog in a smart, efficient way that doesn't take all your time. 

After all, that's what your kids are for! 😂

- Dustin